College Admissions Advice in a Nutshell

While typically Financial Aid Sense shares information about the college financial aid and financing processes, we also like to share related information about the college admission process. With that said, just wanted to share a newly published e-guide called College Admissions Advice in a Nutshell. This informative guide about the college admission process can be purchased on Amazon and is available on ibooks and nook as well. This guide is a short primer for 9th, 10th and 11th grade students and parents to use before they meet with their college admissions advisor or school guidance counselor. There is a lot to know regarding the college admissions process and many steps a student needs to take to best prepare for this very competitive process. Check out this new ebook entitle College Admissions Advice in a Nutshell and stay on top of the admissions process!
Once you master the college admission process, be sure to stay on top of the financial aid application process as well! Financial Aid Sense is here for you as well!
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