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Planning for college is an exciting time in the life of a high school student! There is a lot to know when planning for college and we hope that this website serves as a useful resource to you as you plan for college. The articles below should be a helpful resource to high school students planning for college!

College Planning Action Items: There are a lot of steps in the college planning process and certainly being organized and proactive will serve you very well as you move forward and make your plans for college! There are many steps that high school juniors  should take beginning in the Spring of their Junior year to best prepare for the college admissions process. Check out this College Planning Checklist for High School Juniors!

Standardized Tests: While there many undergraduate institutions that require the SAT or the ACT as part of the admissions application, there is GREAT NEWS that there are  over 800 universities that do NOT require standardized tests of this kind. YES, over 800 educational institutions where the SAT or the ACT are considered to be optional at their 4-year universities. Read more about colleges that do not require standardized tests!

College Campus Visits: There are many things to consider with regard to visiting college campuses. Although a college visit is meant to be fun, there are specific things that you should get out of a college visit and preparation is key to get the most from a college visit. Planning ahead will help you get the most from campus visits and we recommend you check out this article on Planning for the College Visit!

Preparing for the College Interview: If offered, the college interview should be taken very seriously and can be an integral part of the college admissions process. It is important to take advantage of an interview opportunity if the college makes it available to you, and just as important to be well prepared. Check out this article on ways to prepare for the college interview so that you can fully utilize a college interview opportunity.

Scholarship Searches: With the cost of college increasing each and every year, it become more and more important to look for scholarships from sources outside of what is offered by colleges and universities. Students need to start their scholarship search early and NOT wait until they have been accepted to a college, but need to look for funding sources at the same time that they are applying for college admission. Check out all the informative Information on Scholarship Searches on this website.

Financial Aid for College: Financial aid is available from colleges to help families meet the rising costs of a college education. Financial aid is available in the form of grants, loans, and work programs. Financial aid needs to be applied for each year by stated deadlines. The process can be both confusing and overwhelming, thus it is important to be informed early on in the process. Financial Aid Sense is a practical guide that takes the mystery out of the financial aid application process and provides valuable guidelines for families to use as they navigate through the process. This guide is full of check lists and templates that help families stay organized throughout the process! Check out this information financial aid book!

Check out Financial Aid Books for vital information on the financial aid process!

The Summer Timeline for College Bound Juniors is a helpful planning resource that we recommend!

Check out the College Planning Timeline for an additional overview of what needs to be done and when!

The Financial Aid Sense BLOG is updated often with information on financial aid, college financing and other college planning information.

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