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So college planning is all about getting into college, right? College planning goes well beyond just the admissions piece of the process. Of course, the admissions process is integral to the college planning process, however, so is the financing aspect of a college education and future career/job prospecting as well. We like to make a point of mentioning a great resource that enables students to research potential careers and the related salary potential. We find this particularly important for students who will need to borrow student loans to help pay for college. Loan need to be repaid, thus it is important to have an idea about future earning potential when deciding how much you can handle in loan debt. Yes, it is all related – loan repayment and earnings go hand in hand thus we hope that students will do some research up front and have the details in mind before committing to loan debt.

This article will focus on highlighting a neat resource, is a website devoted to delivering accurate salary calculations (based on level of education, area of country, title, experience, etc) as well as salary-related advice in a number of different categories. Clearly, what someone earns can be integral to their life choices, thus having targeted and pertinent information is  important when making life decisions. Future earning potential can drive decisions such as picking a college, buying a home, or loan borrowing. provides both salary information and lots of advice on making life’s decisions.

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