College Navigator

We will continue to share helpful resources throughout this site both on our website resource list page as well as via spotlights in articles such as this one. This article focuses on College Navigator which is a really great college planning tool.

College Navigator is a free consumer website filled with information designed to assist students, parents, and high school guidance counselors get information about available college programs. The College Navigator database is housed on the National Center for Education Statistic’s Website and allows one to search for colleges based on specific criteria. The website house information on thousands of colleges and students can read school profiles and begin to develop a list of potential colleges that fit their desired profile. Student can save their results and then revisit the site in the future to continue their search. Students can narrow their list and then perform side-by-side comparisons of colleges and highlight the most important metrics to search and compare.

We like this site because it is a government site thus the consumer is not bombarded with a lot of advertisements and the site is easy to navigate.

For more college resources, check out Financial Aid Sense: a practical guide about financial aid and the college financing process.

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Jan Marie Combs, EzineArticles Basic Author