The National GRACE Foundation – Helping Families Affected by Cancer

Cancer and child. Two words that you definitely don’t want to hear in the same sentence. The National GRACE Foundation was created as a result of those two words.

At one-year-old, little Grace was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and spent several months in the hospital undergoing treatments and numerous surgeries. Her parents spent many sleepless nights by her side through all of it and were thankful when they emerged several months later, able to take little Grace home to recuperate and get back on track.

Fortunately for Grace, survival rates for children diagnosed with pediatric cancer have risen to 80% in the past few decades. This is promising for Grace as well as for other children diagnosed with cancer. Many of those children will go on to college someday and that is why the National GRACE Foundation was created. The National GRACE Foundation provides free admissions and financial aid counseling to pediatric cancer survivors and their families.

One thing for certain is that when a family is dealing with a child’s cancer treatments, everything else takes a backseat, as a family’s central focus is on treatment and everything related to that. The National GRACE Foundation was created in part due to that reality. GRACE stands for Growing Recovering and Achieving a College Education and the foundation’s mission is to assist families, who have already dealt with so much due to cancer, navigate their way through the college admissions and financial aid process.

The financial aid process is overwhelming, intimidating, and can be very frustrating for those experiencing it for the first time.  Colleges differ greatly with regard to requirements and deadlines and just missing one deadline can affect a student’s financial aid eligibility.  The National GRACE Foundation exists to help families navigate the college admission and financial aid processes so that students can access college.  The Foundation understands what it is like to be faced with the diagnosis of cancer and the chaotic nature of a family’s life during the treatment process, and provides college counseling services to families affected by pediatric cancer.

The Foundation is in its infancy; but has been able to work with families from all over the country, all of which are dealing with pediatric cancer or who have beaten pediatric cancer. All of the families have unique needs and concerns, such as needing their child to attend a college located near pediatric oncology hospitals, or needing specific disability services, or needing a college near an appropriate medical clinic.  These considerations are unique to students affected by cancer, and the Foundation helps families sort out these details as well as the admission and financial aid processes. Each family has unique needs and the Foundation helps families sort through it all.

The National GRACE Foundation is making a difference one student at a time. Please visit the National GRACE Foundation for information on the support services being offered to those affected by pediatric cancer.

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