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FAFSA Website Tip

PLEASE be sure that when you complete the FAFSA you go to the correct fafsa website to do so ~ the link is below. There is only one Official FAFSA Website! You should go to the Federal Student Aid site at This is important to note, as there are other sites out there in the “dot com” online world that charge for FAFSA completion. If you search Google for “FAFSA,” you will encounter these other sites due to paid advertising efforts. There is only one official site for completing the FAFSA – it is free and associated with the U.S. Department of Education. Consumers do not need to pay to complete the FAFSA. Although it does take some time to file the FAFSA, you can do it yourself, as long as you reserve some time, remain patient and focused, and have your financial records handy to assist you. Remember … is where you want to be!

If you do need assistance filing the FAFSA, you can refer to the FAFSA website above, one of the many articles on this site, or take advantage of the College Goal Sunday events that are held each year! For details on this program, check out the article on College Goal Sunday. Remember, there is only one correct fafsa website!

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Check out Financial Aid Sense – our featured publication that helps families navigate through the complicated financial aid process. There is a whole section in Financial Aid Sense devoted to the FAFSA and tips to make the process a whole lot smoother!

Please be sure to put the correct Federal School Code on the FAFSA for each of the colleges you are applying to so that the colleges receive your processed FAFSA data! The correct FAFSA website is
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