Saving Money On College Books

College costs are rising each year and there are a multitude of costs associated with attending college. Although the college will provide the student with a standard Cost of Attendance (COA) budget figure for planning purposes, it is always a nice exercise to think about ways that the student can slice college costs. There are many ways of reducing college costs, especially for the creative-minded individual that plans ahead. This article will focus on ways that a student can decrease the cost of books for college.

There are a number of things to think about when making a plan for college book purchases. For example, a student can buy used books and/or sell back books to the bookstore at the end of each semester. Typically this is done directly with the college’s bookstore. This is a great way of shaving off book costs right from the beginning and then recouping some of the money at the end of the semester.

In addition to dealing with the college bookstore, online bookstores also stock used text books, giving students the option to reduce book expenses and potentially live within or below the budgeted book allowance included in the college’s Cost of Attendance (COA). Check out online booksellers, such as Amazon, for used text book options. Oftentimes, Amazon has free shipping options as well.

In addition to purchasing used text books, students have the option of renting text books. There are a number of online stores that rent college textbooks so be sure to shop around and compare prices. Renting books can potentially be a big money saver. Check out these .com’s ~ Amazon, Barnesandnoble, Chegg, and Campusbookrentals – these are just a few online companies offering this service. Shop around and compare!

Lastly, with the introduction of e-books into some curricula, students may find this money-saving option particularly fetching. Amazon’s Kindle shop as well as the other online merchants mentioned above  (as well as others) have some great deals and options for e-textbooks. Research several online stores and compare carefully before making any purchases or rental commitments.

Think like a bargain hunter—shop around and save money on college books!

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Jan Marie Combs, EzineArticles Basic Author