Private Education Loans and Credit

Private Education Loans, also referred to as Alternative Loans, are a popular college financing options. Numerous programs are available through lenders, including banks, credit unions, state agencies, and private companies, but should not be borrowed lightly as there are costs associated with private education loan borrowing, often high costs. Families should be sure to educate themselves about the options available and compare them carefully before committing to any one loan product. Please see the related articles about private education loans, credit, and related topics below as well as our newly updated financial aid guide Financial Aid Sense:

Paying for College with Private Education Loans

Credit Reports and Private Education Loans

Preferred Lender Lists

When to Apply For Private Education Loans?

The decisions that you make with regard to college financing can affect you for years to come. Be sure to make informed decisions about college financing. Financial Aid Sense will lead you through the entire process.

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