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Below are helpful resources for the college admissions and college financing processes that are included in the text in Financial Aid Sense: A Practical Guide to the College Financing Process. This newly updated guide is a vital read for college bound students and their parents. Pick up a copy of Financial Aid Sense today!

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Amazon Textbooks


College Goal Sunday

College Navigator

Credit Counseling Services

Credit Reports

CSS Profile

Direct Loan Calculators

Direct Stafford

Loan Limits





Scholarship Search

Federal Methodology

Federal Scholarship Search

Federal Student Aid

Financial Aid Sense

Federal Student Aid

Money Saving Tips

GI Bill/Yellow Ribbon Program

Higher Education Information Center

IRS Tax Information

Loan Calculators

Mapping your Future

Military Scholarships

National GRACE Foundation

PLUS Loans

Qualified Tuition Plans

Salary/Career Research

Scholarship Search

State Education Departments



"Financial Aid Book"

This website has valuable resources to assist you during the financial aid and college financing processes and we hope you find the information helpful.

We give you even more information in our financial aid publication, Financial Aid SenseFinancial Aid $ense is our published practical guide for making sense out of the financial aid process and is packed with useful tips and money saving strategies ~ a must read for anyone concerned about financing college. Get Financial Aid Sense and take it along with you so you don’t miss important deadlines and take advantage of all the templates and case studies in the book which will help you sort out all the financial aid details and stay on track during the process! Get Financial Aid Sense today! "Customer Reviews for Financial Aid book"




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