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Financial Aid Sense: A Practical Guide for the College Financing Process was developed to help families navigate through the complex financial aid process. In addition to helping all families through the college financing process, the author wishes to support the 

National GRACE Foundation…..making a difference one student at a time

The National GRACE Foundation provides free college admission and financial aid counseling to pediatric cancer survivors and their families.

"National GRACE Foundation"

This book is dedicated to the The National GRACE Foundation and fifty percent (50%) of net revenues from the publication go DIRECTLY to The National GRACE Foundation to further support their mission of helping families. The foundation works tirelessly to support and guide pediatric cancer survivors and patients through the college planning process, helping with both the admissions and financial aid processes.

"Financial Aid Sense is a Practical Guide about Financial Aid and College Financing"

Please visit for information on the support services being offered to those affected by pediatric cancer. You can also check out our article on the support services being offered to pediatric cancer patients and their families by the National GRACE Foundation.

"Financial Aid Book" Financial Aid Sense provides solid information on the financial aid process, highlights important action items, and contains several tools to assist you through the entire college financing process for undergraduate students. The bonus items included throughout the guide consist of action item calendars, worksheets, check lists, comparison tools, loan repayment information, and helpful money saving tips. The workbook-style publication was designed to share vital information about the financial aid process and help families stay organized and on track – essentially it is a financial aid guide and workbook all in one publication. The decisions that you make today can really make a difference! Let Financial Aid $ense guide you through the college financing process AND support the National GRACE Foundation at the same time!

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"Financial Aid Sense is a Practical Guide about Financial Aid and College Financing"


Jan Marie Combs, EzineArticles Basic Author