Colleges Lowering Tuition Rates

Happy Friday! With August soon upon us, upcoming high school seniors should have already begun their college search and begun making a list of possible colleges to apply to this fall.

I wanted to share an article which highlights a list of colleges that are holding their tuition costs steady or in some cases lowering their tuition. This is refreshing to see and hope that more colleges will follow their lead. Check out the article 38 Colleges Lowering Their Tuition while you compile your list of colleges. Although it is a small list compared to the total number of colleges in the United States today, it is nice to see some colleges taking the lead. Check them out!

Also, remember, it is not just about choosing which colleges to apply to. Students and their families need to be knowledgeable about financial aid options and college financing. Financial Aid Sense is a vital read for anyone needing assistance paying for college. Get your copy of Financial Aid Sense today so you are informed about the financial aid and college financing processes – a necessary read!

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Jan Marie Combs, EzineArticles Basic Author