College Planning Timeline

With back to school upon us, I wanted to share a handy College Planning Action List that is a great guide to college bound High School Seniors. Lots to do this fall, and not just on the admissions front. Although students will be busy preparing their college admission applications, just as important is preparing for the financing aspects of a college education. We will be highlighting “To Do” items related to college financing in the coming months, but to start, please check out our College Planning Timeline for a good overview of necessary action items during the Fall Semester.

In addition to following the College Planning Action List, please be sure to pick up a copy of Financial Aid Sense: A Practical Guide about Financial Aid and College Financing. This is a vital read for anyone needing to finance the ever increasing cost of a college education. This guide will assist you through every step of the college financing process.

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Colleges Lowering Tuition Rates

Happy Friday! With August soon upon us, upcoming high school seniors should have already begun their college search and begun making a list of possible colleges to apply to this fall.

I wanted to share an article which highlights a list of colleges that are holding their tuition costs steady or in some cases lowering their tuition. This is refreshing to see and hope that more colleges will follow their lead. Check out the article 38 Colleges Lowering Their Tuition while you compile your list of colleges. Although it is a small list compared to the total number of colleges in the United States today, it is nice to see some colleges taking the lead. Check them out!

Also, remember, it is not just about choosing which colleges to apply to. Students and their families need to be knowledgeable about financial aid options and college financing. Financial Aid Sense is a vital read for anyone needing assistance paying for college. Get your copy of Financial Aid Sense today so you are informed about the financial aid and college financing processes – a necessary read!

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Financial Aid Sense Supports National GRACE Foundation

National Cancer Survivors day was just celebrated on June 3rd across the country! Financial Aid Sense is supporting the National GRACE Foundation which is devoted to assisting pediatric cancer survivors with the college planning process, including admissions and financial aid planning services, all for FREE! Check out what this foundation is doing and how Financial Aid Sense offering support!

"Financial Aid Sense Supports National GRACE Foundation"

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Saving on College Books

Many college students will be heading off to college this summer so we are thinking ahead and wanted to share some tips on saving money on college books. Please check out the new article in our resource library for many ideas for saving on college books.

Let us know if you have any questions along the way!




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Financial Aid Sense in Online Stores Now

Financial Aid Sense is now available in online stores! New, updated and fresh financial aid information awaits you! An important read for college bound students and their families!

Just wanted to share the published press release about Financial Aid Sense.

"Financial Aid Book"

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Financial Aid Sense – Hot off the Presses!

Announcing that Financial Aid Sense is here! Hot off the presses, this new guide will help you navigate through the entire financial aid process! College financing is a journey – take Financial Aid Sense along to make your journey smoother! Just in time for the upcoming academic year!

Deciphering the financing aspects of a college education can be both overwhelming and stressful. Financing decisions that you make today can impact your life well into the future—thus it is vital that you are informed about the many college financing options available.

Financial Aid $ense was created with the clear purpose of providing a resource for the entire college financing process, beginning with the financial aid application process, award letter comparison, determination of bottom line costs, and strategy for paying the bill and related costs.

By bringing many resources together in an easy-to-follow format, this guide breaks down a complex process, provides valuable resources, shares money-saving tips as well as strategies for navigating through the college financial aid process. The college planning process is a journey! Take Financial Aid $ense along for a better informed journey and have the necessary tools at your fingertips to use along the way!

Fifty percent (50%) of net revenues from this book go directly to support the National GRACE Foundation’s mission of providing free college admission and financial aid counseling services to pediatric cancer patients and their families.


Jan Marie Combs, EzineArticles Basic Author