Saving Money While a College Student

My nephew just shipped out to college as a freshman at Syracuse University in New York the other day and I visited with him just before he left. I gave him the usual pep talk that I would give anyone just starting out – including the “study hard”, “make the right choices”, “you will fit in great” talk – all of that stuff – and of course my favorite advice of being frugal and controlling spending. To that end, wanted to make sure that readers see this article below that was published in US News Education today which gives some logical but pointed tips on how to save money while a college student. How to Save on Personal Expenses in College“.

In addition, our own tips are included on the Financial Aid Sense website and in our newly updated publication about financial aid and college financing.  Check out our Saving Money Tips for College Students. Juniors and Seniors in High School who plan to go to college should check out the information on the Financial Aid Sense site as well as our newly updated Financial Aid Sense publication which gives practical advise about financial aid and college financing as well as the templates, case studies, and timelines necessary to stay on track and manage the complicated financial aid process. Check out Financial Aid Sense today!

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Jan Marie Combs, EzineArticles Basic Author

Financial Aid Sense Supports National GRACE Foundation

National Cancer Survivors day was just celebrated on June 3rd across the country! Financial Aid Sense is supporting the National GRACE Foundation which is devoted to assisting pediatric cancer survivors with the college planning process, including admissions and financial aid planning services, all for FREE! Check out what this foundation is doing and how Financial Aid Sense offering support!

"Financial Aid Sense Supports National GRACE Foundation"

Jan Marie Combs, EzineArticles Basic Author