Scholarship Tips

Happy New Year! With the new year upon us, high school seniors are busy finishing up their college admission applications and hopefully completing their financial aid applications as well.

Although we have a lot of information on our site pertaining to college scholarship search guidelines and scholarship search ideas, we wanted to share some additional tips to think about this time of the year related to finding scholarships for college, as follows:

College bound high school seniors should touch base with their high school guidance counselors to obtain a list and application guidelines for any available local scholarships. Many civic and local-based organizations and businesses will provide information to the high school guidance office pertaining to available scholarship monies for college. This is typically the time of year when guidance offices begin compiling lists of available scholarships so high school senior should be sure to check in with their guidance office.

Parents should also check in with the human resource department of their employer and inquire if scholarship programs for dependent students of employees are available. Many employers have scholarship monies for college available to children of employees and students should also be sure to check with their employers as well.

Best of luck in your scholarship search for college!

For additional information about financial aid and college financing, we recommend you see our newly updated guide – Financial Aid Sense.

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Jan Marie Combs, EzineArticles Basic Author