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Happy New Year! With the new year upon us, high school seniors are busy finishing up their college admission applications and hopefully completing their financial aid applications as well.

Although we have a lot of information on our site pertaining to college scholarship search guidelines and scholarship search ideas, we wanted to share some additional tips to think about this time of the year related to finding scholarships for college, as follows:

College bound high school seniors should touch base with their high school guidance counselors to obtain a list and application guidelines for any available local scholarships. Many civic and local-based organizations and businesses will provide information to the high school guidance office pertaining to available scholarship monies for college. This is typically the time of year when guidance offices begin compiling lists of available scholarships so high school senior should be sure to check in with their guidance office.

Parents should also check in with the human resource department of their employer and inquire if scholarship programs for dependent students of employees are available. Many employers have scholarship monies for college available to children of employees and students should also be sure to check with their employers as well.

Best of luck in your scholarship search for college!

For additional information about financial aid and college financing, we recommend you see our newly updated guide – Financial Aid Sense.

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Scholarship Search Scams

Recently there have been a lot of questions pertaining to searching for scholarships for college, thus we wanted to devote another BLOG Post to this topic. Although many seniors in high school may be focusing now on their college admission applications, they also should be focusing on the search for outside scholarships. Outside scholarships are available through foundations, businesses, civic organizations, employers, and many large and small companies all looking to support students in financing their college degree.

In addition to the related articles on outside scholarships found on this site, we wanted to mention a few helpful tidbits related to scholarship searches that will hopefully help streamline the process.

The process of looking for outside scholarships is tedious and time consuming, however, for those that put the time in both searching for scholarships and completing the required applications, it can be very fruitful. First, to look for scholarships, be sure to use a reputable and recognized search engine, such as Students can use this site, build a custom profile for themselves, and secure a list of appropriate scholarships. Each scholarship will require its own application from, and in some cases a copy of the Student Aid Report, transcripts, and letters of recommendation – to name a few items that are often requested. Students should approach the scholarship search process just as they do the admission process – stay organized, track required data, meet all deadlines, and submit a neat and complete application. Tracking sheets are available in the appendices of Financial Aid Sense and we also devote an entire chapter to the scholarship search process filled with helpful information related to scholarship searches.

One thing to be sure of, plenty of information on scholarships is available for FREE, yes free! Please do not pay a company to do a scholarship search for you as one can secure the same scholarship leads themselves by using fast.web. There are many companies out there that take people’s money for a scholarship search that the family can do themselves. For more on scholarship search scams see the article on this site.

If you are awarded an outside scholarship, please be sure to find out if it is renewable in future years, and if so note what is required for renewal. Colleges typically will take into consideration scholarship monies that are received and will expect the money to be used towards educational expenses, so be prepared to disclose the amount of scholarships received to the college’s financial aid office.

More info on scholarships can be found in Financial Aid Sense.

Best of luck in your search!

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Help Control Loan Debt – Find Scholarships

Just read an article on Huff Post Education about average loan debt of student loan borrowers. A link to the article is below at the bottom of this post for those interested. Essentially, the study cited in the article found that the average loan debt for borrowers under 30 was almost $21,000 per borrower, which is a hefty amount, especially for those in lower income fields starting out. One of the reasons for this high average debt, per this article, is that colleges are offering less scholarship money, forcing students to borrow more loans.

That prompts me to want to remind families of the value of looking for outside scholarships as a funding option. It is a tedious process looking for scholarships, however, your labors can prove very fruitful in securing additional funds for college. Just wanted to remind everyone of the information on outside scholarships that we have on our site. Finding scholarships takes time and students should begin their search process early on, thus those students entering their senior year of high school this fall can start the process now, it is not too early.

In addition, in Financial Aid Sense, there is a whole chapter devoted to the outside scholarship search which may prove helpful. In addition, our templates in the appendices of the book will help streamline the process and keep you organized while searching for scholarships. Check out the book as it is a tremendous financial aid resource for those entering their senior year of high school.

Below is the link to the article mentioned above:

Best of luck in your scholarship search!

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